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About me

Espresso-fueled Jan
At 16, I started my first web design business. I remember teasing questions from ‘well-established’ (i.e. boring) local entrepreneurs, who asked me if I cycled to meetings. Well, yes I did. I was going green when nobody else did. Corporate Social Responsibility and so on.

Today, I advise DTC companies and B2B shops on how to create value for their customers in English- and German-speaking markets, mostly with Shopify. I’m one half of internatives, an ecommerce and web consultancy.

Originally from Mainz, Germany, I now live in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.

My passion for printing, typography and good paper has taken on a life of its own. I’m running a shop for fine book binding and printmaking supplies.

If I’m not adding bytes to the interwebs, you can find me at the coffee machine. ☕️

I hope you will discover entertaining bits and pieces, gathered from the shoals of the world wide web.

Feel free to get in touch!

Cheers and enjoy reading