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Rome is one of my favourite cities. Before Istanbul and Lisbon, and - of course - after Edinburgh. Maybe I like Rome because Edinburgh is built on seven hills as well. Thinking of it, I also really like Athens - another city built on seven hills. Clearly, a pattern is emerging here! 🧐

We were lucky we picked a quiet weekend at the end of January for our visit and even had great weather. Wine, pizzas and gelato outside galore.

I’ll try to add more photos when time allows but they’ll never be able to convey the feeling you get when walking through the Eternal City™.

The Pantheon

The outside of the Pantheon in Rome

The square in front of the Pantheon was crowded, but it was surprisingly tranquil inside.

Dome of the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon dome. It’s beautiful and while b/w artsy, this photo doesn’t do it justice

The Colosseum


We definitely didn’t regret queuing to get into the Colosseum, which is just an impressive feat of architecture and engineering. Combined with a walk through the Forum Romanum, it’s a great way to spend a more touristy afternoon.

A close-up photo of the inside of a Colosseum wall

Some architectural detail of a Colosseum wall.

Roman Happy Places

A bookshelf in a café bar in Rome

Beer and books. All I need in my happy place. And the occasional espresso of course. All cities need to have more places that serve everything from breakfast to late dinner.

Ham hanging from the ceiling in the window of a butcher shop in Rome

A happy man surrounded by ham 🥓