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Four Ways to Tackle Mental Barriers

In business and in life, we sometimes get stuck because we run into barriers. Maybe your company’s growth fell flat no matter how hard you tried.

Maybe you had a particularly difficult client or customer who was just in for a fight and not really interested in a resolution.

Or, you just can’t get your head around a problem that seemed so simple and obvious in the first place, yet you can’t find a solution that works for you.

There are four ways you can handle barriers

To avoid staying in limbo, you can:

  1. find a way to move the obstacle
  2. try to go around it
  3. jump over it
  4. stop and reverse

In the end, each way can be the right choice for your individual situation. I believe that, naturally, we are more inclined to prefer one option over the other.

(Although people with entrepreneurial personalities might see stop and reverse as the last resort when faced with difficulties.)

Make sure you don’t limit yourself

Listen to your gut feeling, weigh up potential outcomes and play with different scenarios. Put your cards on the table and talk to someone who’s not at all involved in your day-to-day business.

As long as you realise that there are other options, there’s no right or wrong decision.