jan’s thoughts

Slow Growth

I like slow growth. I would always choose the long-term vision over short-term success.

Slow growth is organic and sustainable. It’s neither pessimistic nor optimistic.

There’s nothing bad about growing slowly. It even makes your business more predictable.

Humans need at least 18 years to grow to full maturity - in many cases it takes even longer…

Slow growth gives you the opportunity to steadily improve your product and relationship to your customers. Every day, you work to make more profit and increase your cashflow. Bit by bit.

Growth hacking sounds fancy, but in fact it’s risky. Whether you run into unexpected problems or fail to scale your business, it’s more likely you’ll fall as fast as you rose.

There are no shortcuts to long-term success, and someone will always be faster than you.

Just take your time, refine your skills. And build your empire, piece by piece.