jan’s thoughts

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Seek distractions. Say it and believe it: “The more I play the better.”

Choose cooperation and collaboration over competition and monetisation. Build a team outside work. Be an essential part of a community, not of a company.

Feed your curiosity, then someone else’s. And encourage them to do the same.

Share knowledge. Give freely. Don’t expect anything in return. Let a new skill become your party trick. Teach someone that new skill and let it become their party trick.

A side project can remain a distraction from work. A true passion project. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it—with passion. Believe the hype. But if it ever feels like work, stop immediately and start a new side project.

Unnamed folders, unnamed files. Hundreds of them. Moved on and off the iCloud. Deleted and restored.

“Should I really keep this?”

The answer is always an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Why bother with minimalism? There’s no lack of space. Neither physical nor virtual.

Go create and look at your museum of abandoned projects with pride.

Create more than you consume. Don’t consume, unless what you consume teaches you something new, challenges your perception or expands your horizon.

Create for yourself. Don’t create for someone else. No goal, no desired outcome, no direction, and be prepared to have absolutely zero to share.

Be yourself. Don’t try to be your best self.

Embrace imperfection. Let someone else worry about optimisation. Sufficiency over efficiency.

You made something from nothing. The first draft is good enough. Any corrections a waste of resources.

Have fun. Don’t expect any reward other than time well spent.

Enjoy the smiling faces and happy feelings.

Share stories.

Make good memories.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.