jan’s thoughts

Unusual Places for a Business Meeting

I went to so many meetings in boring office environments. Capitalist cathedrals made of beige oak veneer and dusty ficus trees that have seen better days.

How are you supposed to get creative with your client in dull places?

It’s time to shake things up.

Here are some suggestions for cool, unusual places to hold a business meeting:

Park bench

Gives you that secret agent feeling. You can also feed pigeons.

Cat cafe

If you like cats and memes, go to a cat cafe and take your own cat meme. Pre-booking highly advisable.

Sushi place

Eating sushi is fun and relaxed. Choose your own pace and keep them coming.

Outside a food truck

Gives you that trucker feeling. The hipster version of the stand-up meeting.

Walk & talk

The best invention since fake it till you make it. Fresh air will unleash your creativity.

If the meeting goes sideways, walking will still help you beat your colleagues in your weekly Fitbit challenge.


Come on, who doesn’t like sand, water, calming waves and the endless ocean? Great for difficult clients.

Cool? Cool.